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In the 2nd century BC, roughly a century after the notion of a spherical Earth was accepted in Greece, Crates of Mallus created the earliest known globe. You can imagine the staggering transformations globes underwent as new continents and countries were discovered over the centuries. Each time a new discovery was made or a change took place — for example, one country or empire was replaced by another – globes previously created became a window into the past, in essence, a spherical snapshot in time and therefore highly collectible. It is surmounted by a tin hour circle, canted on an inclination arm, which is raised on a faux-bronzed tripod iron stand with raised foliate decoration and cabochons between the cabriole legs, ending in paw feet. The oceans are blue, and geographic entities are cream-colored or faded green; ocean currents are indicated by white or blue lines. The gores were printed by the British firm of G. Bacon, which were most likely imported and manufactured into the globe by the American school supply firm Weber Costello for the seller, the school supply company J. This globe shows current St. Petersburg as Petrograd, indicating a date from Length of a degree of Longitude along each Latitude circle.

Determining the Age of your Globe

It was very interesting and with lots of fun and interesting data and facts. Thanks to you, Dr. Russell and to Jon. This challenge also remembered my grandparents.

Vintage 12 inch diameter Replogle Stereo Relief globe from Replogle Globes Inc​. Dates to approximately as Tanzania appears as Tanganyika, Mid Century Rand McNally 12 Inch Spinning World Globe with Atlas and Display Stand.

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US1853059A – Celestial globe – Google Patents

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very simple instructions the owner may bring the globe up-to-date.’ has produced globes for such notable firms as Cram, Rand McNally, Nystrom,. Hammond.

Washington Map Society. Click HERE for press updates. August 19, ] The discovery of the oldest surviving engraved globe to show the New World was announced today in Washington in The Portolan , a prestigious journal of cartography published by the Washington Map Society, in its Fall issue Copies have been posted to all active members of the Society and to all institutions who are active subscribers to the journal. The previously-unknown globe, which is about the size of a grapefruit, was made from the lower halves of two ostrich eggs, and dates from the very early s.

The globe reflects the knowledge gleaned by Christopher Columbus and other very early European explorers including Amerigo Vespucci after whom America was named. The author points to Florence Italy as where the globe was made, and offers evidence that the engraver was influenced by or worked in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. We undertook a very extensive peer review process to vet the article, which itself was based on more than a year of scientific and documentary research.

The author, S. Missinne, PhD. After all no one had known of it, and discoveries of this type are extremely rare. I was excited to look into it further, and the more I did so, and the more research that we did, the clearer it became that we had a major find. The current owner made it available to the author for his research, which included scientific testing of the globe itself, computer tomography testing, and carbon dating, assessment of the ink used to color its engraved surface, and close geographical, cartographic, and historical analysis.

Only 7 of the names are in the Western Hemisphere.

Dating Your World Globe

Rand McNally is an American technology and publishing company that provides mapping, software and hardware for the consumer electronics, commercial transportation and education markets. The company is headquartered in Chicago, with a distribution center in Richmond, Kentucky. In , William H. Rand opened a printing shop in Chicago and two years later hired a newly arrived Irish immigrant, Andrew McNally , to work in his shop.

The shop did big business with the forerunner of the Chicago Tribune , and in Rand and McNally were hired to run the Tribune ‘ s entire printing operation.

Date Line.” Other characters on the globe include Donald Duck’s nephews and Tinkerbell. The globe shows Vietnam as such and the Belgian Congo, dating its.

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CHAD VALLEY GLOBE — Metal Litho — MARKED Appointment for Her Majesty the Queen (HMQ) Part 1 of 2

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Antique World Globe on Stand JOSLINS Terrestria. Sold Rand Mcnally 12″ Metal Terrestrial Globe Art Deco Rand McNally Terrestrial Floor Globe .

Rand McNally is one of the world’s foremost publishers of maps, atlases and globes. The Business Atlas followed four years later. Rand McNally made its first globe in and first road map in Early maps and globes are prized by collectors. Look at the very bottom of the map for either a letter or an alpha-numeric code. It is generally found in either the bottom left or bottom right corner, and is sometimes hidden in the map itself, rather than in the border.

On globes, it is generally found with the Rand McNally name and copyright notice. Contact a dealer and send him a photo of your Rand McNally map or globe.

My Rand McNally Lunar Globe & the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing

They just jump out at me and I feel compelled to buy them. All of them. And, oh the variety!

Fine printed date American Globe and School Supply terrestrial Globe by Rand McNally with unusual. Expand. Article from Fine

This invention relates to improvements in celestial globes and more especially, sucha’ globe and mounting therefor adapted foruse as astar finder. V Among the features of-wmy invention is the provision of an educational device for rectifying a celestial globe so that the stars represented thereon maybe quickly and easily correlated with the corresponding stars in the heavens, for any time and place. That is, the stars on the globe will face or point to the corresponding stars in the sky and -a View of the globe will enable an observer toslocate and identify the stars and constellations to be seen in the heavens.

I shall not attempt to enumerate and point out all the multitude of uses that may be made of the device. It will bei seen, how ever, that its construction and operation are extremelysimple, enabling a user. Among the features of my inv’ention’is I the provision of a meridian ring in combination with an horizon ring forlorienting the ‘axis’of the globewith the axis of the earthat any latitude.

As hereshown, the. The globe 10 is roposition. The support may be carried by a semi-circular. The’meridiair ring 12is provided with two 90 inverted. Onescale is used for north latitude settings and is so marked, and the other scale. It permits both north and south latitude settings at one point on the horizon ring, namely, thenorth horizon, thus polar axis,indicated by avoidingfconfusion that otherwise might arise from makingnorth latitude settings at one point.

The arrangement disclosed also permits the placing of the words North latitude close to one mark and South latitude close to the other 90?

Antique Globes

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Antique globes of Earth delineate the political boundaries of nations and the understanding of cartography at a given point in world history. Celestial globes display the geographical features of the moon and planets, as well as the arrangement of constellations in the sky. This product category includes antique terrestrial and celestial globes, maps, and other classic cartographic collectibles, along with related accessories such as stands and frames.

Date Range Antique World Globes & Celestial Globes Vintage Rand McNally World Portrait Globe s Raised Relief.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing — can you believe that fifty years have passed since that momentous occasion?? Knowing that the moon landing anniversary was coming up, I wrote a piece about Rand McNally globes earlier this year and hoped that my photos of my luncar globe would make an interesting Design Icon for Reclaim Magazine. And here are PDFs of the pages if you would like to download and read the full article for yourself:.

I wrote about the history of map specialists Rand McNally who are now leaders in GPS travel solutions and devices and how moon globes first became popular in the s as people followed the American and Soviet space race. But how do you identify a genuine Rand McNally globe if you stumble upon one in a vintage store or at a car boot sale?

Have a look at my space themed yet grown-up and minimalist! A couple of interior design legends that I follow on Instagram also contributed photos of their rooms for the piece, showing us how to style up a space using vintage globes. I love this dark, industrial-style office that interiors Instagrammer ThreeSonsFarmhouse has created. She used plumbing parts and timber from her local DIY store to build the shelving, which looks equally industrial.

The chair is an old tractor seat that has been turned into a stool. I love the globes that Laura has used in this interior — the glossiness contrasts with the rough old timber but the dark tone fits into the colour scheme seamlessly.

How to Identify the Age of Rand McNally Maps & Globes

Dakota is split but Congo is Zambia and there is no Central Australia. It has a Analemma and topographical textures as well as various images of historical ships in the seas they were made famous for sailing like the American Clipper Ship “Flying Cloud. It belonged to my grandfather and it’s never been sold before. Any advice to help me make sure I find a buyer that can truly appreciate it’s historical importance?

The black glass base was a typical simplistic product developed by Rand McNally during the WW2 era. Its simplistic, yet art deco oriented design is a splendid.

World Relief Globe by Nystrom. Sculptural Relief World Globe by Nystrom. Vintage School Globe by Nystrom. Large s A. Want more images or videos? Contact Seller. About Vintage inch globe from Chicago-based Nystrom on wooden base. Details Creator. Height: 13 in. United States. Good Wear consistent with age and use. Napa, CA. View Options.

Desk Globes

Date Codes for Maps. From the Western Association of Map Libraries website. Dating a Map. Including Geographia Limited and Bartholomew maps. How Old is Your Globe? From Replogle Globes.

My globe actually pre-dates the moon landing as the Sea of Tranquillity is shown, but there’s no mention of the Apollo mission landing in this.

You have found a vintage world glove with astrological signs and symbols, zodiac, seasons, and months of the years on a stand in very good vintage condition. This metal lithograph globe is 9. I do not find a markers mark on the metal lithograph childs desk globe. I date. This is a fine 11 inch diameter antique full mount celestial globe and star finder with a copper finished decorated cast iron tripod claw foot base from the s.

This spectacular celestial table globe contains known stars and nebulae in the British Catalogue and from the research of astronomers de la Caille, Herschel, Hevelius and Mayer.

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